Tangible Interfaces, Flexible Displays, Haptics, and Body Based UI



I am currently visiting the Responsive Environments group at the MIT Media Lab. I’ve been expanding on my haptic feedback work, as well as helping out with a robotics project as part of the Media Labs Space Initiative.

I will be co-hosting an eTextiles workshop at TEI in Stockholm. I’m looking forward to presenting a paper on some of my own textile work at TEI as well as presenting work on Mid-Air Haptics at CHI.

Somehow, someone decided to publish some of my grumblings about telerobotics and how I was unhappy about how last years CHI organizing committee responded to the travel ban.


I am proud to have received an honorable mention for my CHI paper “Generating Haptic Textures with a Vibrotactile Actuator”.

I also feel honored to collaborate with some extremely talented textile artists and researchers: Rachel Freire, Cedric Honnet & Maurin Donneaud. We presented a demo at TEI on designing eTextiles for the body and will be presenting a full paper at NIME on a textile music controller.

My recent publications:
Paul Strohmeier & Kasper Hornbæk. Generating Haptic Textures with a Vibrotactile Actuator. CHI ’17
Maurin Donneaud, Cedric Honnet & Paul Strohmeier. Designing a Multi-Touch eTextile for Music Performances. NIME ’17
Rachel Freire, Cedric Honnet, & Paul Strohmeier. Second Skin: An Exploration of eTextile Stretch Circuits on the Body. Demo, TEI ’17.
Paul Strohmeier. Coupling Motion and Perception in Body Based UI. Graduate Student Consortium, TEI ’17