Paul Strohmeier

I’m a PhD student with Kasper Hornbæk at the department of Computer Science in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I was introduced to Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and completed my Master’s Thesis with Roel Vertegaal
at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

I am conducting research on the role of our bodies in HCI.
I am interested in designing human-technological systems that make complex problems simple,
allow for graceful ageing, expand what we can perceive and in consequence what we can think.
I am interested in the role that the world and our bodies play in cognition
and I am interested in how we can expand the affordances of the body,
from experimentation with potential digital implants to integrating robotic artefacts into our body image and schema.

On this website you can find my CV, publications and descriptions of projects as well as tutorials.
I don't spend that much time on this website, so chances are something is missing or not up to date.
If you're looking for anything specific, feel free to write me at paul dot strohmeier at gmail dot com.